Cleaning, Finishing, Maintenance, Prep and Adhesives

                     For Flooring, and other Wood Projects
Dura Seal Quick Coat $15.00 per quart
SikaBond Products*
Available in the following:
Sika Silent Layer
Antique Brown 90100F Silent Layer Accoustic Mat 269 sf Roll $249.48
Colonial Maple Adhesive
Fruitwood 90100A T-55 Sikabond Elastic Full spread 5 Gal Pail $200.00
Golden Brown
Golden Oak 90100A2S T-55 Sausage Pack Sound Control Adhesive $31.95
Medium Brown 90100A3S T-53 Sausage Pack Sound Control Adhesive $19.41
Mesquite Red                   13.4sq.ft per Sausage Pack, 20 Sausage Packs to a Box
Nutmeg 90100B Moisture Regulator Primer (epoxy Primer) $288.62
Rosewood 3/Gal Unit = 1 Part-A Pail and 1 Part B Pail
Special Walnut Part B pails are packaged 2 per Carton
Spice Brown
Dura Seal Stain (Limited Quantities) $10.00 per quart
Available in the following: 90100D P5 Trowel - 1455P5T   $23.25
Antique Brown
Coffee Brown 90100EM 20 Oz. - Manual Sausage Gun   $109.70
Spice 90100EP 20 Oz. - Pneumatic Sausage Gun $269.00
90100G Equipment Cleaner   $40.47
90100H Hand Cleaner Towelettes   $25.20
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