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Out of Respect for Trees
    California Hardwood Producers Inc, has been a contributor to the contents of some of the research information found in the following pages.
Educational and Research materials:

University of California Integrated Hardwood Range Management Program
Protection status of California's hardwood riparian habitat
State and Transition Models for California's Hardwood Rangelands
100 Years of caring for the land and serving people "U.S. Forest Service"
California Hardwoods Provide Economic Development Opportunities 
The California Spatial Library Information Library
California Materials Exchange:  California Hardwood Producers:  Making Urban Forestry Viable
Guidelines for Managing California's Hardwood Rangelands
California State University Agricultural Research Initiative
California Forest Stewardship Program
Urban Forest Ecosystems 
Sustainable Agriculture
Question Manager for AQUA-3   U.S. E.P.A
Forestry and Natural Resources Management CalPoly
Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center

Come and visit us! We are 2.6 miles from I-80 on the right side of the road, right after Luther Road.  Our focus is on using wood from our Urban forests, for lumber, paneling, moulding, and flooring, beams and timbers.  Recently we have branched out into brand named flooring.  See our flooring page for entry to the manufactures pages or engineered and laminates.  And don't miss the doorway to our store in each department.

We have a great selection of wood products and always have sizzling specials to offer you. Our mission is to offer you the best value possible across all of our product groups. Look around the site, and by all means call us at 530-888-8191, 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time Monday-Friday, and 8 to 5 on Saturday, for specific information.

We focus on hardwoods and specialize in those native to California, but carry many imported exotics as well. We produce hardwood products like flooring, moulding, lumber, slabs, beams & timbers, and so on with our own sawmill and processing facilities.   

We also carry recycled materials from deconstructed buildings and manufacture products from trees that have been removed from urban forests . We have the best pricing in the area on the products we carry. In fact, we sell and ship nationwide through our eBay store "California Hardwood Producers". To see that store now, click on the link button below that says " our eBay store".

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